Using Beerme's GIF Gallery is really quite simple. You will never have to search for navigation as the 'nav-bar' will always be at the top of the screen. Image selection is made simple with the use of 'thumbnail' views of the animations. This allows a general idea of what the animation will look like before clicking on it. Just remember that the size of the thumbnail has nothing to do with the size of the actual animation. The thumbnails are sized strictly for consistant height. We feel that the thumbnail images, while not giving a true size representation, is better than text based selections that give no real idea of what the animation will look like.


Simply click on a catagory within the nav bar at the top of the screen, click on a thumbnail, and the full animation will load into the panel on the right side of the screen.
A + before and after + a catagory denotes that there is a sub menu that will give more choices.
A number after a catagory denotes how many pages the catagory is split into.

Downloading an Animation

Right click on the actual animation and select 'save picture as'. A dialog box will display allowing you to choose where you wish to save the animation. Once you have selected the location simply click OK or Save and it's done.

Using an animation in an e-mail

These instructions are for Outlook Express specifically but will be the same or similar with any e-mail client.
Start your e-mail. When you are ready to insert the animation click on insert and then picture. This will bring up a dialog box allowing you to choose what image you wish to insert. Goto the location where you saved the animation and select it. Click OK and you are done. For you beginners... YES, it IS that simple!

Linking directly to an animation

This feature is intended for using images on message bases only. Please do not use direct linking to use an animation on your own web site. There are two reasons for this. One, this site is ad free and we pay for the hosting our selves. If bandwidth usage gets too high it will cost us more to maintain it. Two, as image locations and names within the site do sometimes change, direct linking for a web site could cause the image to not display. Simply download the image (see above) and install it within your site.
Under the animation that is displayed on the right side of the screen you will see a one line 'text box'. This text box contains the address of the animation. Just click once within the text box and then hold down the 'control' key and press the 'A' key. This will cause the text to become highlighted. Next hold down the 'control' key and press the 'C' key. This will temporarily 'store' the address. Methods of inserting images on message bases vary so you will need to view the instructions for your specific message base. At sometime within the process of inserting an image you will be asked for the address of the image. At that point just place your cursor where the address is needed, hold down the 'control' key, and press the 'V' key. The image is inserted.

We hope that this instruction page proves helpfull!
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